Friday, December 29, 2017

Wesmere Christmas!

Tradition continued this year as me and my teacher besties get together the night we get on break!  It's always a great way to kick off Christmas break and have some fun. Santa Gil always comes too!
This year Mrs. Claus was already there getting her drink on!
The kids were on their screens.

We had lots of yummy snacks and drinks.

The kids had fun too.  I love that we all come in our jammies.

Chuck was even able to come and hang out with Mike!

Santa Gil came and brought everyone presents!  Even his grandson Paxston came!

The kids waited excitedly as there names were being called.

Then it was our family's turn.

After that Santa's bag was empty...

the kids opened their presents.

The girls each got a scrapbook kit.

Then it was time for family pics with Santa.
The Held's.

The Baumann's/McBee's.

The Merrill's.

The Willis's.

The Weiss's.
And all the kids. Too think that I have pics of them as babies with Santa Gil.  We've been doing this for like 9 year now!

Then us girls had to do a pic too!

And the boys too.

And my annual selfie with Santa Gil.

The kids had fun playing with their new gifts.

Chuck and I took a pic with Santa before he left.
He checked in on Evie too.

Phyllis even came with her grandbaby Rowen.

Holly was trying to keep the boys occupied.

And Tyler had fun exploring too.
It's always such a fun, special night, with such special friends.

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