Thursday, December 28, 2017

First Day of School!

This was the first day of school 2017.  Gracie started her last year at Wesmere in fifth grade.  Evie and Presley started 2nd grade across the hall from me.

The kids were pretty excited and picked out their own clothes even.

Here are the grades they are going in.

Everyone got new backpacks this year courtesy of Grandma!  Bub chose a Guardians of the Galaxy one, Evie a Decendents one, and Gracie got a sequin panda one from Justice.

Annual picture with mom and dad.

And Grandma and Grandpa come over every year for a picture too.

Since the kids come to school where I work, here they are walking in. 

And I make them do this too which they just love.

Evie and Presley will be across the hall from my classroom with Mr. Parrott.

They were pretty excited and found their desks.

Gracie will be in fifth grade with Ms. Klak. 

My kids love hanging out at school before and after it.  They walk around the halls like they own the place. 

And this lady is finally back where she belongs!  She's been gone for 5 years and is finally back.  Even though it's only in the morning, we still get to have lunch and it's like old times again!

Here's the Weiss and Held clans.

These two have been together since first grade.  Sadly this will be their last year together before going off to different middle schools.

And our last year doing this pic!

One last selfie before the bell rings.

And my awesome coworkers ready to rock another year. 

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