Thursday, December 28, 2017


We spent one of the last days of summer at the zoo.  We renewed our membership last spring and headed there.
First up was checking out the monkey house.

Colton came with us and we had to take our pics with all these signs.

We always take our pic with the toilet for Grandpa.

Then we went in the reptile house.

And found more signs to take our pics with.

Then we went to check out the fish.

And the penguins.

We also went to the bear habitat and watched the polar bear laying around.

But the brown bear was really fun to watch.

He decided it was hot enough to go for a dip.

He came right up the glass.

We saw the bison next.

And then the giraffes.

We always take our pic with the kangaroo too.

We saw some camels.

And then we ran into the Held's. So we took our pic with them.

Then we had to ride the carousel. 

We walked around a little bit more to check out the lions and tigers.

And the sea lions and the dolphins.

Then we went to the Dino exhibit that they had this summer.

It was a great day at the zoo!

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