Saturday, December 30, 2017


So this year Homecoming was a little different.  Instead of watching the parade like we have done every other year, my friend Holly and I were the chairs for the event. That meant we had to come up with the float thing and get kids involved.  Well the theme came out and it was transportation, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  Not the best but we made do.  Well our coworker Susie came up with the idea of doing a Viking ship.  We got lots of cardboard and got to work.  We spent many late nights at school getting this thing ready.  Finally the big day was here.  The weather was good, it didn't rain but the wind was another story.  We did our best.  We had lots of people come walk with us.  The kids had made shields to carry.  Plus we needed some of them to walk inside the ship and push it.  We had tied those little gym scooters so it would push easier.
We had to take it apart to get it there and then build it back together again the morning of.

Presley was ready with his friend Ethan.

Evy and Marin were ready too!

Susie is such an artist and created the head of the ship.

This is pretty much the gist of it.  We had a lot of trouble with the mast and trying to get it from not toppling over.

The kids also had Viking helmets to wear too!

A lot of our scouts were there to help us out!

Here we are ready to roll!

Dr. Coberly and Ms. Figurell were there to walk with us and carry the banner.

Susie even dressed like a Viking lady!

The streets were lined and our wagons were loaded with candy.  The kids had so much fun handing out candy that we ran out before we were even halfway done.

Here we are walking through the downtown.  Did I mention that they judge entries every year?  There's even a trophy and everything!

The ship made it through the parade and we lived to talk about it.  We had to disassemble the ship and it's PVC pipe and cardboard. 

The kids waited patiently as we cleaned it up.

And after all that hard work, we took 2nd place!!!  That's a pretty big deal!  Next year, because we have to chair again, we are aiming for first place!

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