Saturday, June 30, 2018

Happy 11th Birthday Gracie!

Tomorrow you turn 11!  How is that possible?  It seems like yesterday you were my little baby Gracie.  I'm so blessed to be right by your side as you grow and I wouldn't change anything about it!  Like I do every year, I wrote you a poem for your birthday.


Happy birthday Gracie Girl!
Another year has come and gone.
It's hard to believe you are 11
and I know this year will be so much fun!

You just finished 5th grade at Wesmere.
Ms. Klak was your teacher.
You learned and grew so much this year.
But getting straight A's was one of the best features.

For a history fair, you were Susan B. Anthony.
You sang and were part of the choir.
You went to outdoor ed. too
and if you didn't have fun, I'd say you were a liar

You bridged to Girl Scout Cadettes
and are headed off to middle school.
You are going to play the clarinet
But you are soon headed to band camp so you don't sound like a fool.

Your favorite color is still green
and you like to read your books.
You now even have to wear a bra and deodorant
and start taking care of your looks.

You love to watch your Disney shows
like Bunk'd, Jessie, and Stuck in the Middle with you.
But you also like your electronic things,
Like Roblox and you tube to name a few.

We painted your room green
and you got a new loft bed.
And you made a rainbow quilt with Grandma
so now you are comfy when you lay your head.

You still love your panda bears.
Maybe one day you'll be a vet.
But you also love to draw and write
so maybe you'll be an artist yet.

You have been blessed with so many friends,
Jackie, Lily, Kate, Meryn and many more.
These are some your closest friends
And you have fun with them galore.

You love to eat cheese-tacos, quasidillas, and mac.
Anything mint is your choice of ice cream.
But cookies are up there on your list
and you're also pretty much a chocolate queen.

I still can't believe you are turning 11!
My how the years have flown.
The next time you'll be at the same school with your bro and sis,
will be when you're a senior and fully grown.

I'm so lucky I get to be your mom,
and watch you grow into a fine young lady.
You amaze me everyday
because you're smart, talented, beautiful, and a little crazy.

May you have the best of birthdays.
But maybe slow down after this.
I don't know how you got to be this old.
Thinking of you as a baby-those are the days I sometimes miss.

So remember to stay just the way you are.
But maybe keep your room a little neater.
Happy Birthday to my Gracie Girl!
You make everyday a little sweeter!

Love, Mommy

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