Monday, July 1, 2019

Happy 12th Birthday Gracie!

You’re 12!

Another year has come and gone
You are already 12 years old
You are one more year to being a teenager
You’re getting older, wiser, and bold

It still seems like yesterday you were my little baby girl
You came on your own time
When I finally got to meet you, I looked in your blue eyes
And knew that you would forever be mine

The years have flown by and now you are here
Ready to start 7th grade
You had a great first year in middle school
I’m so proud of the effort you gave

You joined cross country and track
And did a lot of running
You helped out with the spring musical too
Alice in Wonderland was quite stunning

You also joined the cooking club
And learned to make all kinds of things
You keep a binder of all your recipes
But pizza casserole and mac and cheese bites are your favorite things

You had great teachers
And made good grades
You even got to go to Medievel Times
And watch the jousting charades

You still love Girl Scouts and I’m still your leader
We do all kinds of fun things
This year our troop hosted a cupcake wars
You love all the fun our troop brings

This summer you went to Girl Scout camp too
You attended a cooking one
You camped out in a tent
And had fun in the sun

Some things have stayed the same though
Your favorite color is still green
Your favorite animal is still pandas
And you still think Evie and Presley can be mean

I can’t believe how fast time goes
How the years really do fly
I wish time would slow down
I often watch old home movies and sigh

I’m so proud of everything you’ve accomplished
And your effort to try something new
I will always be your biggest supporter
Because no one else is like you

I want you to always go for your goals
Set your sights high and reach for your dreams
Know that you can be do anything you want
Because I know you are going to do great things

So Happy Birthday to my Gracie Girl
May 12 be your best year yet
Stay just the way you are
And continue to have fun and you are set

Love, Mommy

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