Sunday, August 5, 2018

History Fair!

5th grader get to put on a history fair every year.  They choose a famous historical person, research them, make a backboard, and dress like them.  Then the parents come and walk around and they talk to us like they are that person.  It really is pretty neat and the kids really get into it!  Here is Gracie with Emma, Lily, and Meryn.

Gracie decided to do Susan B. Anthony.  She worked with Grandma and her scrapbook skills to make her board and come up with a costume.

Here is Grandma meeting Susan.

I walked around and talked to some of her friends.  

Lily was George Washington.

Meryn was Daniel Boone.

Jackie was Phillis Whetley.

Emmaline was Pocahontas.

Kate was Mary Todd Lincoln.

Gracie had a lot of visitors at her booth.

I'm not sure who Ellie was.

Allison was Abigail Adams.

Apparently these historical women were friends in real life.

It was so fun and interesting!  The kids had so much fun doing this!

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