Friday, November 6, 2009

38 Weeks!

Well, here is the huge belly that hangs from me at 38 weeks! (Keep in mind that camera really does add 10 pounds) I am so excited to be here! (I really am too because I seriously have only 2 shirts that fit me. I have to alternate between them.) As some of you may know, I am having the babies on Wednesday, the 11th. I have to have a C-section, which makes me nervous and it is not the way I was hoping to deliver but it will be safer since both babies are breech and have not switched positions in weeks. Probably becasue there is no more room to move in there. With carrying multiples, there are always doubts that women will carry the babies this far. The statistics actully say that 50% of women carrying multiples deliver before 38 weeks. So I was one of the lucky ones to have made it. Hopefully this means that next week I will deliver good-sized healthy babies who have to spend little or no time in the NICU and they will be able to come home with us. While I have enjoyed being pregnant, and it has been a whole different ball game being pregnant with twins than it has with Miss Gracie, I am ready to have them out. I forget what it's like to not have this big belly. It is hard to move and sleeping well is out of the question. (Not like it will be any better once the babies come out anyways.) I am sore especially in the pelvic region. I have not seen my crotch in months and thankfully, I will not have to pee in a cup. Peeing as much asI do due to 4 feet constantly pushing on my bladder will not be missed either. That was getting pretty tricky. I attribute my success it making it this far is the modified bed rest. While not wanting to go on it at first, it really has been for the best. Had I still been working, I would have had much more swelling because I would have been on my feet more and I'm sure I would have been in more pain due to that. Also, I have not been exposed to all those nasty germs going around this season. The flu would not be something I would want as a pregnant woman. So being at home has kept me healthy. So I guess it's also safe to say I won't be wearing a bikini again. Ever. And hopefully the belly button goes back in. In a few days, I plan to pull out a tape measure to see what my circumference is. Anyone want to venture what that lucky number will be?

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